Kumiho’s Heart (2024) is a queer horror textiles self-portrait. In Korean mythology, the 구미호 kumiho/gumiho is a fox spirit who transforms into a human seductress to eat the hearts and livers of men. The synthetic floral fabric references Hmong clothing aesthetics. In this piece I become a kumiho. Nude — with gaping jaws for breasts — kumiho holds a human heart up to their lips, waiting for the first drop of blood.

Kumiho’s Heart‘s dimensions are 19″ x 23″. The figure was digitally embroidered; the kumiho’s decorative elements were hand embroidered, hand beaded, and hand appliquéd; and the border was machine sewn. Materials include glass seed beads, thread, and polyester on unbleached cotton muslin.

Kumiho’s Heart has been exhibited at the Sol Koffler Gallery (Providence, RI) and ACCI Gallery (Berkeley, CA, forthcoming).

Inaugural RISD Graduate Illustration Biennial
Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI
Apr 26–May 9, 2024