Cross-Racial Solidarity (2023) is a digital illustration commissioned by Building Movement Project to depict a metaphor developed by Deeper Iyer. Iyer uses neighborhoods to describe a cross-racial solidarity approach to movement work.

In this image, I reference Hmong paj ntaub (story cloth embroidery) to tell the story of a neighborhood moving from systematic disrepair and isolation to resourced, multi-racial, cross-generational communities.

This illustration is used by Building Movement Project and Iyer in presentations, workshops, and trainings.

“Partnering with Tori to create this illustration was a wonderful and collaborative process. It was easy to communicate with them and share feedback at each stage of the process. Because the project we commissioned with them is related to organizing and solidarity, being able to work with an artist like Tori who has a background in movement work was so helpful.”

– Deepa Iyer, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Building Movement Project