Photographs of the Asian American Youth Storytellers cohort and exhibition opening, June 29, 2019.

Asian American Youth Storytellers (2019) was a youth-led arts and research project I founded and facilitated with Khin Oo. A cohort of six youth ages 16-24 conducted research and interviews on intergenerational trauma and resistance in their Asian American communities. From this research, the cohort created art and scholarship sharing their findings. The culmination of the project was an arts exhibition (pictures above) and the publication of Do You Know If Wooden Birds Can Fly? (a 60-page magazine, below).

The Asian American Youth Storytellers cohort included: Ayize James, Hannah Soundrarajan, Thet-Htar Thet, Ahnali Tran, Xais Vang, and Seng Xiong.

This project was funded by Youthprise and BMPP. The exhibition was held at XIA ARTS, a project of the Asian Economic Development Association. Exhibition photos courtesy of Ryan Stopera.