Handwritten text, "Our Spring Was Endless"
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Handwritten text, "The Project"

Our Spring Was Endless seeks to illuminate the nuances of a faraway life —its fondest moments and its darkest.

This collaboration combines poetry, hand-drawn illustrations, and Burmese culture to honor Myanmar’s 2021 Spring Revolution. Illustrator Ntxoo Tori Hong and poet Thet-Htar weave Thet-Htar’s experiences resisting the brutal military regime and Ntxoo’s witnessing as an ally from afar.

100% of the primary proceeds from this collection were donated to 501(c)(3) fiscally sponsored charity Karen Women’s Organization via Every.org. KWO provides emergency assistance to Indigenous women and children displaced by the military junta in Karen State, Myanmar.


Use art & blockchain technology to support women and children from Myanmar’s Karen State displaced by the military junta.


For the world to be free of fascism & for every individual to have sovereignty.

Handwritten text, "The Team"
Photograph of the artist smiling. The Golden Gate Bridge is distant and visible in the background.


Ntxoo (‘un-Zong’) Tori Hong has been creating digital illustrations, murals, and community art spaces since 2017. As a queer, Hmong, and Korean American person, she brings her cultures into the next generations through art and technology.

Tweet from @immigrantkiddo that says, "Ntxoo has a heart of gold, strong beliefs that can change the world, and conviction that through art you can make a difference."

Ntxoo is currently a co-organizer of San Francisco Crypto Art and has showcased her work at three NFT NYC exhibitions in 2022: Sunrise Art Club, MetaPrideLand’s PrideFest, and Teia.Art’s after party.

Our Spring Was Endless will be Ntxoo’s genesis NFT collection.

Project Lead & Lead Artist

A digital illustration of a silhouetted girl holding up 3 fingers against a sunset sky. Four silhouettes of doves fly ahead.


Thet-Htar is a Karen and Dawei woman poet and activist from Myanmar. Thet-Htar and Ntxoo have previously collaborated on art projects pre-Covid and pre-coup.

It is illegal and dangerous for Myanmar civilians to speak up against the military junta. For Thet-Htar’s safety, she is remaining undoxxed for this project. Our Spring Was Endless will be her first venture into Web3.

Poet & Audio Artist

Smiling photograph of Angelina Hong, a tanned Asian American woman with shoulder length black hair.


Angelina Hong identifies as a bi-ethnic (Hmong & Korean)queerwoman. She graduated from Stanford University in 2016 and began her journey in the industry as a food photographer and social media consultant before starting her marketing agency, Gourmand Group.

Angelina has used her Web2 marketing and project management skills to provide support to this project. Our Spring Was Endless is the first NFT project she has worked with.

Marketing & Project Management

Minting Platform: Async Art

Charity Partner: Karen Women’s Organization

Donation Platform: Every.org

Handwritten text, "Special Thanks"

“I hope you know how much you’re changing the world.”
— Thet-Htar

Conlan Rios, Async Art founder & CEO, for the creative collaboration and Web3 mentorship. Max Cohen, Museum of Crypto Art lead writer, for penning a summary of Our Spring Was Endless. Conor Lee for the audio engineering support.

Hein Aung Htet, Dim, Francesca, Milk NFT Alliance, Mutual Aid Myanmar, Sam Stevens, Breanna Randall, @BeastBurmese, July, @BlueSunNFT, Llakar Photography, @FullBellies_ForLife, Michael Littig, Ah Nah Podcast, Urban Village MN, and Zaw Zaw Paing for our conversations and your support. And everyone fighting against fascism and for sovereignty.

Our collectors for changing the world.

Handwritten text, "Press"

On July 3, 2022, Ah Nah Podcast interviews Ntxoo about NFTs, Our Spring Was Endless art and poetry, and the cause.

On July 18, 2022, Ann Marie Alanes interviews Ntxoo about her relationship with Thet-Htar, her anti-coup allyship, Our Spring Was Endless, and her favorite zoo animal!

Handwritten text, "FAQ's"

Can you tell me more about what's happening in Myanmar?

A map of Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia bordering Bangladesh, India, China, Laos, and Thailand. It is next to the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.

On February 1, 2021, the Myanmar military staged a coup before democratically elected officials would swear into duty. Woman president Aung San Suu Kyi was arrested and military rule was instated. Myanmar civilians took the streets to demand democracy, and the Spring Revolution bloomed.

Myanmar is one of the least democratic nations in the world, a place ruled by brutal military junta, and in which over 750,000 people have been displaced, one-fifth of which are Indigenous people from Myanmar’s Karen State.

What charity does this project benefit?

100% of the primary proceeds from this generative fundraiser went to emergency aid for displaced Karen women and children via 501(c)(3) fiscally sponsored charity Karen Women’s Organization, a woman’s community-based organization that provided emergency aid to 80,000+ displaced Karen people in 2021.

Our Spring Was Endless used Every.org’s services to transparently, directly & securely send cryptocurrency to the charity on the blockchain.

How many editions are there & how much did one cost?

200 random, unique and generative NFT editions @ 0.03 ETH each.

Each NFT will be generated upon minting and no two NFTs will be the same. There is 1 legendary edition, which is animated and features Thet-Htar reading her poetry.

100% of primary proceeds from this project were donated to Karen Women’s Organization via Every.org.

Where can I purchase an NFT?

Thanks to all of our supporters, Our Spring Was Endless successfully sold out. If you’d like NFT art and poetry from Myanmar’s revolution, you may purchase an edition off the secondary market.

Collect on Secondary

How do I purchase an NFT?

There are 2 ways to collecting an NFT for this project: with Card or with Ethereum.

To use a Visa or Mastercard

  1. Login and create an account on Async Art using your email.
  2. Select “Mint with Card“.
  3. Fill in the information requested by WERT.
  4. Wait a few minutes. If it hasn’t gone through, please check your email & text messages from your bank to allow the charge and try again. Because NFTs are a new market, your bank may block the transaction.

To use Ethereum

  1. Create a crypto wallet. This will hold your Ethereum and your NFTs. We recommend Metamask.
  2. Purchase Ethereum (cryptocurrency) on a centralized exchange and transfer it to your crypto wallet. You will need approximate 0.035 ETH per NFT. We recommend Coinbase.
  3. Connect your crypto wallet to Async Art and mint an NFT from Our Spring Was Endless.

We recommend watching Intro to NFTs w/ Founding BFF Elan Halpern for anyone new to NFTs. If you have any additional questions, Ntxoo would be happy to walk you through the process (DMs on Instagram and Twitter open).

Can’t find your question? Send an email to Hello (at) Ntxoo.art or DM Ntxoo on Instagram or Twitter.