Myanmar NFT Fundraiser

Utilizing poetry, illustrations, and blockchain technology, the Myanmar NFT fundraiser is a collaboration between poet Thet-Htar and digital artist Ntxoo Tori Hong. Thet-Htar, a gen-z woman from Myanmar, used Web2 to document the people’s resistance daily since the military coup on February 1, 2021. Galvanized by Thet-Htar’s activism and their friendship, Ntxoo is an artist-ally to Myanmar. As Ntxoo enters Web3, she brings Thet-Htar words and the fight for Myanmar’s freedom into NFTs.

In 2021, Myanmar was ranked #2 least democratic nation. As of May 2, 2022, there are an estimated 590,100 internally displaced peoples (IDPs) who have had to flee their homes. 111,600 of those displaced are Indigenous people from Myanmar’s Karen State.

100% of proceeds of this generative 1/1 NFT fundraiser will go to emergency aid for displaced Karen women and children via 501(c)(3) Mutual Aid Myanmar, a volunteer-run charity whose contacts provided emergency aid to 80,000+ displaced Karen people.

Minting Summer 2022 on Async Art & using Endaoment to transfer funds on the blockchain. Angelina Hong is the project manager for this women-led team.

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