Tori Ntxoo Hong

Ntxoo Art reclaims a name I share with my mother and my sister: Ntxoo [“un-Zong”] meaning “shade” or “shadow”. How are women and queer folks cast into the shadows? How do we find power in these dark, liminal spaces? My work endeavors to answer these questions, experiencing the fullness of life along the way.

Self-educated and community-taught, I began my career as an independent artist under Art by Tori Hong in Minneapolis, MN, USA (2017). Currently based in San Francisco, I create vibrant and hand drawn illustrations rooted in values of radical self-love, community care, and abolishing empire. Select clients include Stanford University, Minneapolis Institute of Art, and Race Forward. I am currently pursuing my MFA in Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, class of 2025.

Queer, Hmong, and Korean American, I bring my cultures into the next generations through art.

Photograph by Matthew Kelley