Tori Ntxoo Hong

NTXOO Art reclaims the name I share with my mother and my sister: Ntxoo [pronounced “un-Zong”].

Encouraged by friends and family, my affinity for drawing began in kindergarten. At the age of 13, I became deeply embedded in internet fan cultures and taught myself how to create graphics and digital illustrations.

As an adult, I began my career as an indie artist as Art by Tori Hong in Minneapolis, MN, USA (2017). I’ve created digital illustrations, murals, printed goods, and community art spaces. Currently based in San Francisco, my art traces the ingenuity of the natural world; the legacies of my cultures; and the visions of radically inclusive futures.

My favorite part about being a digital artist is how it’s allowed me to connect with folks from around the world. I have been internationally published; worked with one of the largest Asian art collections in the United States; and supported social justice movements.

Hmong, queer, and Korean American. I bring my cultures into the next generations through art.

Photograph by Angelina Hong Media

Photograph of the artist smiling. The Golden Gate Bridge is distant and visible in the background.