digital artist

Ntxoo Art

Ntxoo (pronounced “un-Zong”) creates digital art & community spaces as an invitation to center radical pleasure, complex relationships, and collective liberation.

Sex Workers Are Sacred

Honoring the sacred.

A digital illustration of a rice field in the mountains of Laos. A young man with short black hair, a moustache and goatee stands in the foreground. He is wearing Hmong men's clothing. Behind him is a water buffalo, a pink pig, a brown and white spotted cow, and a brown chicken. It is night time. In the sky, a full moon with an angry cartoonish face holds a large Hmong knife, behind clouds.

The Moon

A Hmong superstition.

3 bike illustrations. They are simple & bold line drawings. There is a bike moving forward with motion lines behind it. There is a bike with a large hoop skirt attached to its seat. The last bike stands still and has a flat tire.

Allegiance to Winds and Waters

Simple book illustrations.

A digital illustration of a silhouetted girl holding up 3 fingers against a sunset sky. Four silhouettes of doves fly ahead.

Raise Three Fingers

Resisting military dictatorship.

A digital illustration of a black cat napping on a ledge by the ocean.

By the Sea

Enjoying a cat nap.

A full-color illustration of Michaëlle, a dark skinned Haitian American woman, standing proudly on a Haitian beach. She is wearing a white bathing suit that reads, "unfriendly black hottie". Her long locs blow in the wind. Pink hibiscus flowers float by her body. It is sunset.


A portrait of my friend.

Digital illustration of a Black and Native farmer in a greenhouse harvesting the "three sisters" of plants, beans, corn, and squash. There is an arm with dark brown skin and a wrist brace holding up an ear of corn.

Community Leadership Learning Initiative

Centering the leadership of communities.

Cropped black and white digital illustration of Tori (me) facing a mirror self. Tori is wearing a bandana on their head, a sleeveless hoodie that says “dyke” on the back, and jeans with flames embroidered on the bottom. Mirror self wears glasses & looks lovingly at Tori while hugging themself. Mirror self is outside, wearing basic Hmong clothing. Both selves have tattoos visible.


Daydreaming leads to self-love.

A black-and-white digital illustration of two white rabbits running through the snow. The night sky is pitch black except for dainty stars. To the right of the running rabbits is a birch tree.

Moon Rabbits

Reimagining winter in the Midwest.

An image of two pages from the Arts of Asia website.

Arts of Asia

Teaching about Asian arts, histories, and stories.

Abolitionist Elder

Recording the creation of a new society.

Digital illustration of Cori as Opal from Steven Universe. She is standing on her two tippy toes with attitude. As a four-armed Gem, Cori is holding a Thai tea boba, a glowing arrow, a massive bow, and her hip in her hands. She is wearing a deep blue patterned split tunic inspired by her Yukata. The background has dreamy clouds & floating rock mountains.

Cori Nakamura Lin

Drawing a fierce friend.

Comic pg 1: "When Love Turns To Action. By Ched Nin. Illustrated by Tori Hong." Panel 1: "My name is Ched Nin. I was born in Parchanraur, Thailand and am a 1.5 generation Cambodian refugee. I have lived in the United States for 34 years." There is a digital illustration of a mountain valley on a sunny, hot day. Thatched huts make up the refugee camp. Several individuals walk on the dirt road. Panel 2: "I currently reside in Farmington, MN and work as a commercial carpenter for the Carpenters Union Local 322." A snowy scene of downtown Farmington and its storefronts. Panel 3: "I am one of the MN8 -- 1 of the 8 Cambodian Minnesotans whose family and community fought Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) to stop our deportation. A portrait of Ched in a blue suit and purple tie. He has a slight beard, shaven head, and tan skin.

When Love Turns To Action

Illustrating one of the MN 8's story.

Text reads, "The Growbook". The digital illustration is of a mountain goat perched on a mountain top. The background is a teal watercolor wash, with black wavy lines.


Sparking conversation, healing and discovery.

A "deerfox" creature playfully jumps in wispy clouds and bright red flowers. It is painted in the style of Minhwa, a Korean folk art.

Deerfox Minhwa

Embodying silliness, creativity, and pranks.

Watercolor painting of a black bird with sliced yellow dragon fruit in front of it. In bold, caps, handwritten text, it reads "Asian American Youth Storytellers. June 2019."

Asian American Youth Storytellers

Facilitating youth art & research.

A cropped sepia-toned digital illustration with bright red accents of Marsha P Johnson applying red lipstick, using her reflection in a cracked window. On the window is a red neon sign that reads, "Stonewall Inn." Marsha is wearing a bright red dress with a white feather boa around her shoulders. A sign leans against the window that reads "POWER".

Marsha P. Johnson

Commemorating the Stonewall Riots.

A black and white illustration of hands washing rice in a kitchen sink.

Washing Rice

Capturing stillness in motion.

Photo of part of the Renter Power mural. Two femmes look lovingly at each other while working in their garden. The people are painted in purple monochrome. The background is blue and turquoise. The grass in the garden bed is green.

Renter Power

Honoring renters in South Minneapolis.