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All Of My Grandparents Are Refugees

Connecting with my ancestors.

Natural Dyes

Cataloging recipes for RISD Nature Lab.


Reclaiming Our Own Time.

Dragons Against Dictators

In solidarity with Myanmar.

Kumiho’s Heart

Sewing self mythologies.

Kumiho’s Den

Becoming monstrous.

Capybaras for Ceasefire

In solidarity with Palestine.


Yearning across distance.

Cross-Racial Solidarity

Using metaphors to illustrate social change.

Orcas For Abolition

In solidarity with marine life.

Lucky Rabbit

Celebrating good fortune.

Public Education Is The Foundation

Supporting diversity & inclusion.

The First Pride Was A Riot

Celebrating LGBTQ history.

Sex Workers Are Sacred

Honoring the sacred.

A black-and-white digital illustration of two white rabbits running through the snow. The night sky is pitch black except for dainty stars. To the right of the running rabbits is a birch tree.

Moon Rabbits

Reimagining Midwest winters.

An image of two pages from the Arts of Asia website.

Arts of Asia

Teaching about Asian arts, histories, and stories.

Abolitionist Elder

Recording the creation of a new society.

Comic pg 1: "When Love Turns To Action. By Ched Nin. Illustrated by Tori Hong." Panel 1: "My name is Ched Nin. I was born in Parchanraur, Thailand and am a 1.5 generation Cambodian refugee. I have lived in the United States for 34 years." There is a digital illustration of a mountain valley on a sunny, hot day. Thatched huts make up the refugee camp. Several individuals walk on the dirt road. Panel 2: "I currently reside in Farmington, MN and work as a commercial carpenter for the Carpenters Union Local 322." A snowy scene of downtown Farmington and its storefronts. Panel 3: "I am one of the MN8 -- 1 of the 8 Cambodian Minnesotans whose family and community fought Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) to stop our deportation. A portrait of Ched in a blue suit and purple tie. He has a slight beard, shaven head, and tan skin.

When Love Turns To Action

Illustrating one of the MN 8's story.

Text reads, "The Growbook". The digital illustration is of a mountain goat perched on a mountain top. The background is a teal watercolor wash, with black wavy lines.


Sparking conversation, healing and discovery.

A "deerfox" creature playfully jumps in wispy clouds and bright red flowers. It is painted in the style of Minhwa, a Korean folk art.

Deerfox Minhwa

Embodying silliness, creativity, and pranks.

Watercolor painting of a black bird with sliced yellow dragon fruit in front of it. In bold, caps, handwritten text, it reads "Asian American Youth Storytellers. June 2019."

Asian American Youth Storytellers

Facilitating youth art & research.

A black and white illustration of hands washing rice in a kitchen sink.

Washing Rice

Capturing stillness in motion.

Photo of part of the Renter Power mural. Two femmes look lovingly at each other while working in their garden. The people are painted in purple monochrome. The background is blue and turquoise. The grass in the garden bed is green.

Renter Power

Honoring renters in South Minneapolis.